Our Production

Jams, Sweet Sauces, Jellies, Tomato Sauce, Preserves in oil and pickles, Legumes, Flours, Dried Pasta, Dried Aromatic Herbs and Chilis of many varieties.

Jams, sauces and jellies

Prepared exclusively with our 100% organic fruit, in different varieties, They do not contain preservatives, thickeners, flavorings or artificial colors.
The ripe fruit is harvested by hand, following the natural rhythm of the seasons and transferred for processing into our artisan laboratory attached to the farm, thus giving the fresh taste and goodness of the freshly harvested fruit. Alongside the jams in traditional flavors, with a very high percentage of fruit, we have studied more creative recipes to stimulate the most curious palates.

Tomato and tomato sauces

The ripe tomato is harvested by hand and after a selection in the field is transferred to the laboratory for processing. we prepare a delicate tomato sauce with the addition of salt only and from here adding aromas is born a variety of sauces ready to use.
Sauces ready to season, made with our past.

Preserves, pickles and vinegars

The fully ripened organic vegetables are harvested by hand and processed in the laboratory. All in a traditional way.

The bronze-drawn pasta

With ancient stone-milled cereals, wheat hats and ottomile corn, it has been possible to recover the traditional, natural flavors of an artisan production of excellence.

Wheat flour, corn and legumes

We wanted to resume a cultivation once linked to the territory: the Ottofile corn, an ancient variety that had been forgotten and that a group of farmers of the Ancient Corn Association is in charge of protecting.
Many varieties of cereals were abandoned only because they did not reach high quantitative yields and did not adapt to the needs of the processing industries.
With the cultivation of ancient cereals (Ottofile corn, wheat Cappelli) it was possible to recover the traditional, sustainable and natural flavors of an excellent artisanal production.

Aromatic herbs

Fresh pickedings are dried in the sun, keeping their organoleptic properties unaltered.
In the kitchen every day to flavor our dishes we use aromatic herbs; some prefer them for their fragrance and others for the taste, some are better with the meat and others with fish and sauces in general.
But outside the kitchen these herbs have exceptional properties for our health.
That's why they are also used to prepare herbal teas.

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