The three generations of the Calcante family have always developed and maintained a strong relationship with nature, cultivating cereal and horticultural products together with the breeding of cattle, leaving emotions and respect for what nature offers us.

The Family Company

The story began in the early 1900s, when Felice Calcante, the great-grandfather returns from Argentina. The experiences in the South American lands began to take shape in the village of Bastida Pancarana in the province of Pavia, a predominantly agricultural area on the banks of the river Po.
The three generations of the Calcante family have always developed and maintained a strong relationship with nature, cultivating cereal products, horticulture along with cattle breeding, leaving a legacy, emotions and respect for what nature offers us.
In 1996, Davide Calcante, the current owner of the farm, after graduating in Agriculture, enters fully into the company's operational management. Thus began a process of adaptation and transformation, on the one hand giving continuity to the principles received in inheritance, with the introduction of new crops and activities at the same time.

The Biological & Biodynamic added value

The company is certified organic and cultivates fruit, vegetables, aromatic herbs, ancient grains, etc.
Organic farming is a system of agricultural production that has as its objective the respect of the environment, the natural balance and biodiversity, which seeks to offer consumers genuine products obtained in compliance with the cycle of nature. Organic agriculture is a unique ecosystem in the which the activity of the man is inserted using techniques respectful of the fertility of the soil, of the single cultures, of the animals and of the environmental equilibrium such techniques exclude the use of fertilizers, synthetic antibiotics and genetically modified organisms (GMO). It is precisely because of the love of Nature that we have also approached biodynamic agriculture, which is an added value.

Respect for Nature and its cycles

Hence the desire, together with his wife Lidia, to bring to the table the products of our territory with the transformation of grain for example, creating a line of dry pasta, from tagliatelle to fettuccine, from tagliolini to striped penne after milling the beans in recently purchased stone mill.
The Cascina is restructured building a transformation laboratory for the production of jams, preserves etc.
The cultivation of products takes place respecting nature as it is an organic and biodynamic company.
The transformation takes place in a traditional way with direct collection in the field of fruit and vegetables, seasonal cycles.

The message you want to convey is to produce only quality products and not quantity, and here the number of jams, preserves, jellies etc. varies depending on the production of the garden and the orchard. And that the cultivation of ancient cereals such as corn Ottofile and wheat Cappelli allow us to recover the traditional and natural flavors of an artisan production of excellence.

Via Lungargine, 118 - 27050 Bastida Pancarana (Pavia)